lunedì 24 novembre 2014

Slow-motion video of the day. The Art of Scent by Buly 1803

"Ramdane Touhami deconstructs the perfume genius of his Parisian apothecary
“I am interested in smells rather than perfumes: I love the scent of fresh grass and old castles,” discloses Ramdane Touhami who, alongside his wife Victoire de Taillac, is the Parisian behind the revival of Saint Germain-situated beauty brand Buly1803. “I love leather. I love the smell of old libraries with very damp books. This is what really inspires me.” Buly 1803 was first established by Jean Vincent Bully in 1803, and the apothecary has developed the first water-based perfume conjuring the essence of the 19th Century. Here, Touhami indulges in the intricacies of odor." Read more at