lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Campaign of the day. McDonald's: Signs

"Since the first McDonald's signs went up, local owners have been using them to say a lot more than just Billions Served. Over the years, in good times and in bad, you might have noticed the sign at your local McDonald's bearing a message from the heart. Whatever the message, there’s a story behind every one that captures a moment in time and reflects the lives of the community it serves.Read all the stories behind the signs here

For years, McDonald's signs across the country have been used to spread messages of love, hope and respect. This is a collection of some of those signs. 

The Signs:
‘Thank You Veterans’
A store owner in Bethesda, Maryland honors the brave men and women who served in the armed forces.

‘#Pray for Drew’
A McDonald’s restaurant takes part in a community-wide movement wishing for the speedy recovery of a local who was injured.

‘Keep Jobs in Toledo’
A McDonald’s in Toledo, Ohio implores a local factory to stay in town.

‘All of Us Weep for the Columbia Families’
After tragedy strikes the Space Shuttle Columbia, a McDonald’s in Houston mourns the seven astronauts who lost their lives.

‘Pink Arches’
A Chicago restaurant paints its Golden Arches pink in support of breast cancer research.

‘Pray for the Rescue of the Miners / God Gave Us a Miracle’
A McDonald’s reacts to the collapse of a Somerset, Pennsylvania mine and later the successful rescue of the trapped miners.

‘Boston Strong’
A Boston McDonald’s shows solidarity with the victims and the community in the wake of the 2013 tragedy.

‘We Will Be Back Soon’
After a flood devastates Watseka, Illinois, the message on a local McDonald’s sign reflects the resilient spirit of the town and its people.

After one of the worst hurricane seasons in Florida’s history, a local McDonald's announces its return to service.

‘Happy 30th Ed N Beth’
A Chesapeake McDonald’s congratulates a couple on their 30 year wedding anniversary.

‘It’s a Girl Rosalie Kay’
A central Illinois McDonald’s celebrates the community’s newest resident.

‘Welcome Home 442nd Fighter Wing’
After a tour in Afghanistan the 442nd is welcomed back to Knob Noster, Missouri.

‘Happy 95 Birthday Woody We Love You’
A McDonald’s celebrates the birthday of an adored Keller, Texas resident.

‘A Little Lovin Can Change a Lot’
An Oswego, Illinois McDonald's shares a simple, positive message with its community.

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