venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Tear-jerking ad of the day. Dialdirect 'The Notebook'

Agency: Joe Public Johannesburg
Client: Dialdirect
Pepe Marais (Chief Creative Officer)
Leon Jacobs (Executive Creative Director)
Annette de Klerk (Copywriter)
Martin Schlumpf (Group Head & Art Director)
Marion Bryan (Freelance Art Director)
Natalie Hogan (Account Director)
Samantha Tame (Account Manager)
Ananda Swanepoel (TV Producer)
Laurent Marty (Strategic Director)
Production Company: Velocity
Director: Greg Gray
Producer: Helena Woodfine
Exec Producer: Nicola Valentine
Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin
Production Art Director: Chris Bass
Editor & Company: Deliverance - Ricky Boyd
Post Production Online: Blade
Post Production Offline: Deliverance - Ricky Boyd
Sound Studio: Louis Enslin - Produce

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