venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Gross ad of the day. Juicy Fruit Commercial: Locker Room Guys Resort To Tasteful Arm Farts

How do you communicate when all you want to do is chew Juicy Fruit gum? Try arm farts! Watch our new #juicyfruit commercials and see more sweet at Juicy Fruit. So Sweet You Can’t Help But Chew.
John Maxham – Chief Creative Officer
Mark Gross – EVP, Executive Creative Director
Matt Collier – Creative Director
Wayne Robinson – Creative Director
Bart Culberson – Creative Director
Diane Jackson – EVP, Executive Director of Integrated Production
Will St. Clair – VP, Executive Producer
Luke LiManni – Producer
Scott Terry – Production Manager
Nicholas Papaleo – Audio Engineer
Bobby Lord – Audio Assistant
Stacey Simcik – Audio Producer
David Chriswick – SVP, Group Strategy Director
Matt Mullen – Strategy Director
Heather Stuckey – Global Business Director
Kate Christiansen – SVP, Group Business Director
Phyllis Lee – VP, Account Director
Alexander Wood – Account Manager
Production Company
Benjamin Weinstein – Director
Oliver Fuselier – Managing Director Live Action
Robert Helphand – EP
Jason Manz – Producer
Marcelo Durst – DP
Post Production Companies
Derek de Board – EP
Casey Swircz – Producer
Fred Keller – Colorist
Rob Churchill – Creative Director/Flame Artist
Spot Welders
Kevin Zimmerman – Editor
Sophie Kornberg – Edit Assistant
Denise Brown – Producer
Carolina Sanborn – Executive Producer
David Glean – Managing Partner
Fred Szymanski – Sound Designer
Ian Jeffreys – EP
Producer: Annick Mayer
Vitamin Pictures
Sam Gierasimczuk – ACD / 3D Lead / Compositor
Michael Siegel – 3D Modeler
Danny DelPurgatorio – Executive Creative Director
Larissa Berringer – Executive Producer

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