mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015

Automotive ad of the day. Soundscaping the TOYOTA Racing challenge “DIVE into the HYBRID” - Music by Yasutaka Nakata

Hybrid technology not only improves environmentally-friendly performance and fuel economy, but is also an advanced technology that provides greater acceleration characteristics for higher speed, amplifying the “Fun to Drive” element. In 2014, Toyota became the first Japanese manufacturer to win the Manufacturers category of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). Using the “sound” of the most advanced racing hybrid, TS040 HYBRID, Toyota brings you the senses of racing reality, of immersion and of elation.


Race Car Audio Samples x Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE)!
Our music video was produced using immersive audio samples culled throughout the year from the development sites and circuits of Toyota Racing's state-of-the-art hybrid race car TS040 HYBRID, set to take on all challengers in the World Endurance Championship. The music is composed by one of Japan's leading musicians―Yasutaka Nakata of CAPSULE.
Dive into the intensely stimulating world of hybrid driving. Headphones are recommended for maximum enjoyment!
At the special website, audio samples used for the music video are available in a high-resolution format.

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